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Research of personality and romance shows us that when couples are well-matched they tend to naturally have greater understanding, fewer relationship problems and happier unions. We have explored these trends for you so we could bring you matches you are most likely to understand and resonate with. We are devoted to helping people like you create natural and fulfilling relationships! My Natural Match® is a relationship-building service that brings people together based on proven compatibility markers, such as personality.

Businesses have been successfully using personality assessment for years to align their team members to promote greater understanding, acceptance and positive communication among their employees, and it works! In business and in romance, people get along better when they are matched properly. This was the inspiration for My Natural Match®!

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Our Proven Personality-Matching System is Based Solely on Objective Scientific Studies of Who is Happy With Whom
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My Natural Match® also matches you according to your ideals, lifestyle and chosen preferences, such as age, children, religion, education level and the like. We strive to bring you only your realistic prospects.